About Us

August 2016

YANA seeks to assist children who are confronting various challenges on the home front. This includes but is not limited to children dealing with illness in the family, divorce, financial stress and other difficult situations.

One of the integral components of our organization is that the children we help are completely unaware they are part of an organization. No one wants to know that they are needy and require help. All of our wonderful kids just want to live normal lives without being singled out as a “case”. Our job is to publicize YANA and its mission without the recipients of YANA being aware that they are a part of the YANA picture.

 Our program is stimulating, exciting and very necessary for the children who are often falling behind in school due to their situation. Our big brothers/big sisters assist the children with their homework, and once a week we sponsor food and prizes for all participants in the after school program. All the big brothers and sisters receive hourly monetary compensation for working in YANA. The big Brother/Sister program creates a natural bond between the big and little brother that allows us to help the child more then just educationally. Program highlights include taking the child out to eat, going to ballgames, doing homework and just being there for the child in the capacity that best suits them.

 As the summer approaches YANA is receiving many request to help send children to sleep away camps. We deal with a number of different camps all of which give us a discounted price. We are looking to run this fundraiser to help jumpstart a nice campaign to send many of our kids to sleep away camp. WE NEED YOUR HELP.


September 2013:

During the last few weeks I have been very involved with a Monsey family going through a really rough time. The mother has been diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor. In attempt to make the situation for her boys more manageable, I have been taking them out on small fun trips. Thank God this has had a positive affect on these boys.

I came to the realization that this situation is not a one-time occurrence, unfortunately. There is definitely a need for an organization that tries to improve the situation for the children from families experiencing great difficulties like the situation I described above.

We are hoping to help the children of families experiencing various problems cope as much as possible, (medical situations, orphans, broken homes). We have young men volunteers to help boys and young lady volunteers to help girls. The goal of the volunteers are to create a big brother/big sister healthy relationship with the children that are struggling. The big brothers and big sisters are given money to take the children out and make sure they have a great time. The mentors take these children out of the house taking them to sporting events, arcades, restaurants, amusement parks… anything that will take them away from there hardships at home. The short time goal of the volunteer is to just get them out of there situation, forget what’s going on and to be able to live like a kid again.


The goal of our organization is to help all children who are suffering in any way possible.