Fertile Faith

Growing up, Julie was certain of two things – she wanted to be a doctor and a mother. People tried to convince her that they were incompatible, but with her quiet determination she forged ahead, confident that she would be able to balance the two. Julie met Adam* in high […]

Ex-Daughter-in-Law by Avigail Rosenberg

The first time I met my future mother-in-law, in an upscale Jerusalem restaurant, she told me, “I’ve been waiting 20 years to meet my daughter.” As a mother of three boys, she took me into her heart – and her home – unconditionally. I was to call her Mom, my […]

Do’s and Don’ts for Divorced Dads

n the ten years of Michael L.’s marriage, his wife had accused him drug peddling, refused to attend therapy, and claimed that he was the one with psychological issues. When the situation deteriorated to the point where she became physically abusive, he walked out. Yet three years later, his ex-wife […]

How to Make a Good Marriage Great by Barry and Chanie Holzer

1. SPEND TIME TOGETHER Even ten minutes a day of uninterrupted time to touch base builds connection. Spending more time when available and setting aside time to be together (e.g., date nights) are just as important. The key is being present, focusing only on the person in front of you, […]

On My Own By Barbara Barry

s It Possible to Raise Healthy, Well-Balanced Torah-Observant Children as A Single Parent? When I was seven, my life suddenly turned upside down. My dad, whom I loved and was very close to, died suddenly of a massive heart attack in the early hours of a Shabbat morning. How do […]

Children of Divorce

A step-mother writes: My husband’s 14-year-old daughter is constantly in a rage. This is accepted behavior at her mother’s house, but I cannot tolerate it when she is visiting us. We have a 12-year-old plus three younger children, and I am concerned of them emulating her behavior. On one occasion […]

Raising Compassionate Children

The Talmud states that the Jewish people have three innate qualities: they are merciful, bashful and kind. Perhaps that explains Jewish people’s propensity to give so freely of their time and money. Being caring, compassionate and generous is as inherent to Jewish identity as our commitment to education. But without proper […]

Talking to Our Children About the Tragedies

Our children look to us for their perceptions of the world. They look to us for guidance and understanding, to answer their questions, and to help them at times verbalize their questions. But mostly they look to us for reassurance — reassurance that their world is okay, that they are […]

Mommy, Do Children Die?

We’d been driving around for an hour. It was already dark, almost suppertime. Three shoe stores later and my six year old daughter still hadn’t found boots she liked. Our search for the perfect boots would just have to wait until next weekend. I hesitated to tell her. She had […]

Breaking Negative Cycles in Marriage

Arguments occur in every marriage and quite often reflect a deeper discord of underlying issues. The cause of conflict may be simple. For example, Rick leaves his socks on the floor even though Sara repeatedly asks him not to. But a bigger piece of the puzzle is the meaning Sara […]