Raising Compassionate Children

The Talmud states that the Jewish people have three innate qualities: they are merciful, bashful and kind. Perhaps that explains Jewish people’s propensity to give so freely of their time and money. Being caring, compassionate and generous is as inherent to Jewish identity as our commitment to education. But without proper […]


Mommy, Do Children Die?

We’d been driving around for an hour. It was already dark, almost suppertime. Three shoe stores later and my six year old daughter still hadn’t found boots she liked. Our search for the perfect boots would just have to wait until next weekend. I hesitated to tell her. She had […]


Half a Mother

The most important choices I have made in my life have not felt much like choices at all. They have been the moments when no matter which way I looked, there was no way out. My greatest “rock and hard place” experience came by way of a divorce within months […]

Dear Single Mother

Dear Single Mother, You don’t know me, but I keep thinking about you and wondering how you did it. You see, I met your daughter last week at the new indoor playground. My four-year-old daughter looked up the huge spiraling tunnel slide, decked out with ladders, ropes and thrilling tunnels, […]