Single Moms

Ex-Daughter-in-Law by Avigail Rosenberg

The first time I met my future mother-in-law, in an upscale Jerusalem restaurant, she told me, “I’ve been waiting 20 years to meet my daughter.” As a mother of three boys, she took me into her heart – and her home – unconditionally. I was to call her Mom, my […]

On My Own By Barbara Barry

s It Possible to Raise Healthy, Well-Balanced Torah-Observant Children as A Single Parent? When I was seven, my life suddenly turned upside down. My dad, whom I loved and was very close to, died suddenly of a massive heart attack in the early hours of a Shabbat morning. How do […]

Children of Divorce

A step-mother writes: My husband’s 14-year-old daughter is constantly in a rage. This is accepted behavior at her mother’s house, but I cannot tolerate it when she is visiting us. We have a 12-year-old plus three younger children, and I am concerned of them emulating her behavior. On one occasion […]

Half a Mother

The most important choices I have made in my life have not felt much like choices at all. They have been the moments when no matter which way I looked, there was no way out. My greatest “rock and hard place” experience came by way of a divorce within months […]

Dear Single Mother

Dear Single Mother, You don’t know me, but I keep thinking about you and wondering how you did it. You see, I met your daughter last week at the new indoor playground. My four-year-old daughter looked up the huge spiraling tunnel slide, decked out with ladders, ropes and thrilling tunnels, […]