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You are never alone. For a child or teenager experiencing hardship, and feeling that no one can fathom their pain these words can be a lifesaver. Warmth, understanding and the knowledge that someone cares are often the lifesaver that makes the whole difference in the child’s or teen’s life. This is the goal of Yana.


          Founded in September 2013 Yana aims to assist children, pre-teens and teens who are facing various challenges in their lives. Many of the children YANA helps come from difficult home situations and are confronting complicated issues beyond their years. Some live in single-parent homes, others are dealing with parents who are sick and unable to care for them properly, while others are contending with divorce and poverty in their home life. Yana gives these children and teenagers a break from the troubles they are dealing with and enables them to enjoy and relax in a safe, supervised environment.


          Yana pairs each of their members with a big brother. The goal of the big brother-little brother setup is to give the YANA child or teen attention, warmth and a listening ear, which for many of them is sorely lacking on the home front. The big-brother provides a positive influence whom the child or teen can turn to. There are a number of programs that YANA runs through which the big-little brother interact in a positive and wholesome setting.


          Take a look around and you will see that you undoubtedly know a child who can benefit from YANA. Won’t you give that child a chance to experience YANA in his life? Please contribute generously so that YANA can continue to spread joy and happiness in the lives of the children and teens it services.


         We need your help to be able to reach out to more families.

         For more information about our organization, we would love to meet with you. Please feel free to give us a call at any time. We can be reached at (203)408-3766

 We can also be reached via email at,

We are a New York not-for profit organization we have 501 c (3) status