The big brother takes the little brother out once every couple of weeks. The venues are relaxed. It may be some pizza or bowling, but it provides the Yana teen with a positive mentor in a wholesome environment. The big brother is there to schmooze, lend a helping hand where necessary and in general make his little brother feel like someone is out there for him who really cares. Once a season there is a YANA major trip. Past trips have included skiing, baseball games and the like.


Another program that has been in the planning stages for a few months is the YANA after-school program. This program is designed to have the big-brother little brother meet on a weekly basis in a designated location together with all the other big-little brother pairs from that city. Time will be spent on homework and then a light supper will be served. After the big-little brother can enjoy on-site arcade.


Yana’s goal is to have each location equipped with a game room arcades, ping-pong, mini basketball and other recreational activities. This program will give the child something special to look forward to each week. With increased funding YANA will have the ability to launch this program as well.


YANA wants to reach as many people as they possibly can. YANA currently services the pre-teen and teen-age bracket. Many younger children stand to benefit from YANA tremendously as well and we are trying to expand to include these ages as well.